Message from Managing Director

    As we all know that Globalization and International Business has become a very important factor in doing business in every part of the World. One of the major factors that are moving these businesses is shipping business where it involves a Middle Agent to bring Carriers and Customers together in order to complete one operation. The operation involves many different steps from customs dealing to banking to import and export documentation.
    We, as P.R. Inter Trans are very well experienced in every aspect of the ongoing operation in such business and we provide all kinds of services which can move your cargo from one point to the destination no matter if it’s shipping, trucking, rail, door to door services and so on. Thus it brings us to our main competitive advantage that is “One Stop Services”
Having mentioned all that, I would like to act as an Agent to represent your company and complete your business operation in a very efficient manner and I do guarantee that your cargo will be safe in our hand and well delivered to the destination. I hope to be at your service in the near future.
Vitaya Praparat,
Managing Director
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